This is my declaration and my call to you to sign up to EI8HT and support the publishing of compelling, independent photojournalism.

I cannot guarantee the stories in this issue will be “comfortable”: witness the fear on the faces of young women as they are enslaved by the power of ju-ju in Lorena Ros’ images, and feel the intensity amidst the insanity in a remote catholic mission in Salah Benacer’s story. Nor can I promise that you will find solutions to deadly conflicts. As Karim Ben Khelifa’s photographs attest there can be no words to faithfully describe the despair that is evident in Iraq today as it undergoes violent transformation. The point of EI8HT is to be an instrument for readers, to assist them to navigate these stories and gain an understanding of issues through photography. ei8ht, itself, leaves its comfort zone behind by engaging with and supporting authors to provide them with the forum for free photographic expression. In previous issues I have reinforced my dedication to this mission and by publishing this issue, the start of a new volume in our third year, I provide the evidence of my continued belief in the magazine’s purpose.

As the magazine grows and the motivation to publish worthwhile stories compels it to expand in size, it is crucial for EI8HT to create ways of funding for the future. In this sense the above “call to arms” can also be heard as a call to you, the individual, to make a difference by helping to underwrite the costs associated with the production of a quarterly publication.The comforts and distractions we have in our lives are best left behind, if only momentarily, as you look over the photographs. Don’t just read…inhale. Share with Julia Baier her memories of swimming, enjoy the good times John Alflatt had with the divers of Peru and find tranquility and peace in the Tuva that Yann Mingard discovered. Then, maybe, you will see the sword on our cover for what it is – an implement that symbolizes passionate belief and not violent menace as it may at first glance appear. I hope, then, that you will agree with me: if the pen is mightier than the sword, in our day and age, the camera is more powerful than both of them.

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