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Invited by Amnesty International and Medecins Sans Frontieres to document the threat to women in South Africa, it was Jodi Bieber’s challenge to portray the truth of torture, abuse and survival of women behind closed doors in her country. Her sympathetic but unflinching triptychs, presented exclusively in EI8HT, are compelling in their warmth and honesty. Whilst invoking the physical torture of domestic abuse victims they also, however, offer a hope for the future. Placing women – the survivors – at the centre of the three images, Bieber uses the outer panels to symbolise on one side her past terror and on the other her salvation.

Out of Line

Former paratrooper turned photographer Stuart Griffiths knows first hand the struggle ex-servicemen face when they leave the armed forces. After months on the streets, he landed at the New Belvedere Hostel, living side by side with soldiers failing to cope with ‘Civvy Street’. Turning to drink and drugs in the hostel, vulnerable men found a home in this harsh institutional setting cut off from the outside world. Griffiths’ photographs and captions capture the personal stories and depict an insider’s view of life outside the forces, in the streets and hostels of England.

Commit to Memory

Commit To Memory is an exclusive essay written by Max Houghton for EI8HT, which examines photography and memory. In it she explores how the reading of photographs is shaped by our memories and the influence of time. Houghton celebrates the commitment of photographers, editors and curators of photographic archives in their endeavour to create lasting and meaningful documents and so shape our understanding of events and impel our ‘will to remember’.

In Search of Midaq Alley

When artist and photographer Rod Shone visited Cairo, he sought the guiding hand of Naguib Mahfouz, and his masterly novel Midaq Alley, to introduce him to this fascinating city. As Shone absorbed the city, he began filling a sketchbook and taking photographs. His conspiratorial drawings and images capture an intimate stroll around the ancient metropolis.

Other Features Include

An exclusive viewing of Sara Terry’s new book Aftermath, following Bosnia since the end of the war; Andrew Testa swims with the graceful Moken sea people of the Surin Islands; Jessica Backhaus welcomes us with vibrant charm and colour into small town Poland; Yann Mingard’s quest for the remote takes him to the untamed plains of the Silk Road. In addition to the special features, EI8HT Vol. 4 No. 2 also includes new book reviews, exhibition listings and professional resources.

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