CRUEL SEA – EI8HT publishes images from “one of the most horrific, cruel and most important immigration movements of our time”

On the heels of winning the Magazine Design Award 2005 for Consumer Front Cover of the Year, and three further nominations, EI8HT announces the latest issue of the UK’s fastest growing photojournalism magazine. Bringing you devastating political stories undiscovered by mainstream media, intimate authorial views of contemporary global events, thought-provoking essays and industry insight, EI8HT is the UK’s premiere photojournalism magazine. Each quarterly issue also includes new book reviews, exhibition listings and professional resources.

Cruel Sea

Winner of a 2005 World Press Photo Award, EI8HT exclusively publishes Juan Medina’s full feature and talks to the photographer about “one of the most horrific immigration movements of our time”. Reuters photographer Medina has documented the arrival of African migrants to the island of Fuerteventura since 1999. Over 7000 immigrants a year attempt the journey from sub-Saharan Africa to the closest of the Canary Islands. A huge number never arrive. Boats carrying immigrants are no match for the sea; corpses wash up on the idyllic beaches of the Island of Eternal Spring. Hard to look at, and bold to publish, Medina’s photographs capture the terrible human wreckage on the beaches of the tourist trade.

Sabine – A Love Story

Jacob Aue Sobol first visited Tiniteqilaaq, an Inuit settlement in Greenland, for a personal project and felt compelled to return. Then he met Sabine. Jacob plunged into an intense affair with Sabine and her culture, an overwhelming affair in which Sabine's body and the icy environment became one. These startling photographs document their passion in the beautiful arctic landscape.

High Tide

During August and September 2005 Israeli settlers left the Gaza strip and the Palestinians rushed in. Bruno Stevens’ photographs witness a personal view of both sides – the joyous excitement of the Palestinians and the grim resistance of the settlers. Jews fight their own army; Palestinians play in the sea they’ve never been able to reach. Stevens asks, is this a point of no return?

Seeing and Believing

In her regular essay for EI8HT, Max Houghton investigates whether NGOs are responsible for a stereotypical representation of the developing world. By commissioning images of the starving, helpless and the dying, Houghton asks, do NGOs perpetuate a myth of dependency?

Other Features Include

Ivor Prickett discovers Roma families eking out an existence in toxic abandoned army base, Kablare; Photographer Jason Orton and writer Ken Worpole discover a shared fascination for the Essex coastline; Karim Ben Khelifa sends postcards from his travels to the six ‘outposts of tyranny’ named by Condoleeza Rice; Louie Palu unveils his personal project about the demise of mining communities in Canada; EI8HT interviews award-winning photographer Marcus Bleasdale; and guest writer Mark Sealy explains why a space dedicated to black and minority photography is being celebrated in East London.  

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