EI8HT introduces new regular columnists John Vidal, David Pratt, John O’Farrell and Tim Minogue – adding incisive comment to extraordinary photojournalism. Beginning this issue John Vidal, Environment Editor for The Guardian, David Platt, Foreign Editor of the Sunday Herald, and John O’ Farrell, Communications Officer at the International Conflict Research Centre, add their comment to the stories the mainstream media leaves untold. Stalwart of Private Eye, Tim Minogue, adds a lighter touch.

Chernobyl twenty years on

John Vidal’s new Environment Column examines the deadly ongoing legacy of Chernobyl on the twentieth anniversary of the disaster. The exclusive EI8HT edit of Robert Knoth’s Annya – Chernobyl Certificate No. 000358 unflinchingly illustrates this legacy. Previewing a major exhibition in London this year, this highly personal study of 15 year old Anna Pesenko, who developed a brain tumour at the age of four, charts the life she struggles to lead from her bed. Recipient of a sought after ‘Chernobyl Certificate’ giving medical benefits to some of those affected by the disaster, Annya needs round-the-clock care by her parents.


A unique presentation of Perry Walker’s glorious black and white documentary photographs of Mississippi preacher Reverend Louis Cole and his congregation. As he grew up (just 60 miles from Elvis), Perry Walker was captivated by Reverend Cole’s vibrant language and strong, independent church. A decade later in the 70s, he returned to document the religious belief of America’s Deep South.

Facing Silence – peasant life in rural France

A personal window onto the stark simplicity of rural life in France. After 9/11, New York photographer Christophe Agou returned to Massif Central where he grew up. The quiet, authentic lives of the isolated farmers became a life force for him. His photographs capture the hardship and poverty of their lives, along with their compassion, intuition and closeness to the land.

Maoists in Nepal

Since King Gyanendra brought the Hindu kingdom of Nepal back under his direct rule in February 2005, the battle between Maoists and monarchists has spilt from rural areas into Kathmandu. Tomas Van Houtryve’s fascinating photographs document an increasingly bloody ideological conflict.

Other Features Include

Photographer Mary-Jane Maybury accompanies residents of New Orleans as they venture home for the first time after Hurricane Katrina; Martin Roemers visits bunkers and barracks across Eastern Europe in search of relics of the Cold War; Raphael Dallaporta’s extraordinary documentary photographs of landmines; an interview with Olga Sviblova, the founder of the Moscow House of Photography; plus new book reviews, exhibition listings and professional resources.  

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