Due to the success of our fourth birthday issue and special section devoted to England, V5N2, published in September 2006, will also feature an independent section, this time devoted to the theme of Industry.

Velvet Underground – Photographer Vaclav Jirasek’s interest in factories led him to this one in the Czech Republic, with its bizarre gadgets and workers uniforms.  

Them & Us – Jan van Ilken’s approach to the animal industry, in all its facets, from the production of livestock and animal testing to the pampering of pets.

Salt Flat – Caroll Traveras’ images from this small village in Bolivia relate the community’s reliance on their salt flats for a living.

Fordlandia – Ford Motor company established a factory community in the rainforest of Brazil in the 1930s, what remains, as Colin McPherson discovered, are colonial artefacts and a few original inhabitants.

Hard Labour – The situation of the workers of the Firestone rubber plantation in Liberia as observed by Michael Zummstein.

As ever, the new issue of EI8HT includes photographers reporting from around the world on stories that matter … Sybille Fendt explores notions of self-consciousness through the teenage subject of Lena. Stan Guigui shows us life from inside Bogota's most infamous slum, before it was raized. Victor Cobo explores dreams of a better life for many that leave this small town in Mexico. George Georgiou takes a tram ride through Kiev in search of traces of the Ornage Revolution.

Along with regular columnists, Tim Minogue, John O’Farrell and John Vidal, EI8HT continues with its reviews of the latest book releases, festivals and exhibitions.

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