Many people have an alter-ego or a double life reflected in their work, what they wear or how they act in various moments.
Fanatic Wars is based on the alter egos that Mexicans have been creating since 1977 with the release of the first Star Wars film “A New Hope”. Disguised as their favourite characters, these “heroes” come from a wide mix of different social classes including those from families with young children who also take part. Their Star Wars alter-ego transforms them into another person; the hero they feel they aren’t in daily life, or at least not the sort of hero that defends the fate of the universe.
I feel that we are all reflected in them somehow, in that contact that remains with the inner child. The costumes they have bought (or have spent a long time making themselves) is like an armour that takes them away from reality. It is these moments where they are immersed in a magical world of dreams that everything is possible, until the mask comes off again.
Marcel Rius.