Starting with the 7 minute, 151 image Summershow slideshow Foto8 has teamed up with Ultraviolet Music to provide a musical accompaniment to the weekly photo story slideshows. Foto8 is looking to expand the options available to its own productions as well as introducing these talented music producers to photographers and editors to consult with when constructing multimedia and deciding what music may be appropriate and available for them.

Taking some of the regular Stories of the Week that appear on our site and laying them down with a dedicated music track to work alongside the images is an exciting proposition for us. In its simplest form the music should enhance the viewing experience and work with the words and pictures to give the viewer an all-round sensation of the story. As we pick new projects in the future we will work with Ultraviolet to interpret our slideshow audio experience. We hope that this resource and way of working is of value to other media makers looking for a dynamic partnership with musicians on their projects.


Ultraviolet Music is the musical duo of song writers and producers Gil Cang and Malachi Lillitos. A show reel of their commercial and personal work can be found on their site.