26 July – 8 September 2010
ss10_280The Entrants
The selection of 153 prints exhibited in this year’s Summershow demonstrates Foto8’s committment to exhibiting a wide range of photographic styles and genres. This year’s entries saw a dramatic rise in what has become one of the most inclusive and festive annual photographic events in London. Over 2500 individual images were received from photographers representing the six continents. From landscape and portraiture to documentary and fashion and everything in between, the Summershow celebrates the photographic talent of established names and aspiring photographers alike.

The Exhibition
Held at HOST gallery the Foto8 Summershow is London’s greatest photographic spectacle, a veritable ‘salon de photographie’ – an inspiring array of framed and mounted images of all shapes and sizes, installed from floor to ceiling. The Summershow will run throughout August and was launched on Friday 23 July with its customary street party extravaganza – with over 600 guests in attendence.

A selection of work from the Foto8 2010 Summershow travelled to Crane Kalman Gallery in Brighton from 11– 29 September. See www.cranekalmanbrighton.com for more information.

The Awards
Once the show had been installed, the Summershow judges, representing various photographic interests, awarded their favourite piece ‘Best in Show’ with a prize of £1500. The award was presented to Laura Pannack for her photograph ‘Shay’ at the launch party and a second award, ‘The People’s Choice’ will be decided by public votes cast in the gallery during the show, announced towards the end of the exhibition.

The 2010 Summershow Judges

Monica Allende, Picture Editor, The Sunday Times Magazine
Stephanie Braun, Curator, The Photographers’ Gallery
Harry Hardie, HOST Gallery
Colin Jacobson, Editor, Lecturer and Photography Commentator
Mark Power, Photographer

Read more about judging of the 2010 Best in Show award here

The full list of participating photographers

Adam Hinton
Adam Patterson
Alex Masi
Ali Richards
Alice Colling
Alys Tomlinson
Andrea Groisboeck
Andrew Testa
Andrew Youngson
Antonia Parker
Ariadna Arnes
Arnhel de Serra
Baptiste Giroudon
Bar Am-David
Bill Bold
Cathy Teasdale
Charley Murrell
Charlotte Rea
Chris Frazer-Smith
Christian Pankratz
Christopher Nunn
Claudia Wiens
Colin Hampden-White
Daniel Lillie
Daniel Rothschild
Danielle van Ark
David Thomas Smith
Dean Dorat
Dougie Wallace
Dualtagh Herr
Eliza Kopalak
Ellie Davies
Ellie Harvey
Freya Najade
Gary Hampton
Gaston Lacombe
Giovanna del Sarto
Graham Stouph
Harry Borden
Helen Rimell
Ilana Panich-Linsman
Ilaria Di Biagio
Ilze Vanaga
Jackie Dewe Mathews
James Dodd
Jason Larkin
Jean-Philippe Woodland
Jennifer Schlesinger
Jocelyn Allen
Jon Guido Bertelli
Jonathan Banks
Josh Lustig
Judith Stenneken
Julia Wilam
Julie Fisher
Katherina Heil
Kathryn Obermaier
Katrin Koenning
Kelly Hill
Kelly Hussey-Smith
Kim Haughton
Konstantin Suslov
Liz & Max Haarala Hamilton
Laura Pannack
Leon Diaper
Leonora Chan
Linda Brownlee
Linda Ferrari
Lotte Scott
Luca Desienna
Luca Giacosa
Maja Flink
Maren Schram
Mark Leary
Mathias Ridde
Matteo Armellini
Megan O’Grady Greene
Micha Theiner
Michael Blann
Michael Bodiam
Michael Hess
Michael Steindel
Michel Huneault
Natalie Koffman
Neil White
Nick Cunard
Nick Grigg

Nick Seaton
Nicky Willcock
Nicola Dracoulis
Nina Mangalanayagam
Omid Salehi
Paivi Koskinen
Paul Gaffney
Paul Trevor
Peter Dench
Peter Hope
Poulomi Basu
Quintin Lake
Rafal Milach
Rajan Zaveri
Rami Hanafi
Riccardo Venturi
Richard Chivers
Richard James
Roberto Boccaccino
Rubi Lebovitch
Rupert Sagar-Musgrave
Samuel Hicks
Scott Hornby
Sebastian Liste
Sebastian Meyer
Shachar Shedrin
Shiho Kito
Simone Perolari
Simone Rowat
Slaven Gabric
Sophie Mitchell
Tamas Dezso
Toby Smith
Tom Pope
Tommaso Ausili
Ubald Rutar
Valton Gregory
Veronika Speigl
Vicky Martin
Victoria Birkinshaw
Vincent Mundy
Vish Vishvanath
Yoshi Kametani

(Image above: © Rami Hanafi, Before the Bronze: 2010 Winter Olympic bronze medalist Scotty Lago one year before the games)