The Exhibition
The Foto8 Summershow is London’s greatest photographic spectacle, a veritable ‘salon de photographie’ – an inspiring array of framed and mounted images of all shapes and sizes, installed from floor to ceiling. London’s prestigious HOST Gallery in EC1 is the setting for the Summershow which features 150 images; later seen and judged by respected industry professionals from the photography, arts and media worlds. The 2011 Summershow is open from 8 July and continues to 12 August.

The Awards

This year, the ‘Best In Show’ prize of £2000 was awared to Luca Sage for his image ‘Ivory Coast, 2010’. Honorable mentions also went to Neil Hall for ‘After the Crash’, Antonio Olmos for ‘Friends of Negus McClean’ and Martin Usborne for ‘Congo’. These were awarded by judges James Reid, Emma Morris, Charlotte Cotton and Richard Billingham, with the winner notified at our Summershow Launch Party on the 8 July. The ‘People’s Choice’ award will be decided by votes from the public announced at the end of the show. All shortlisted work is included in a printed catalogue and online slideshow and are available for sale.

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The judges for this year’s show are:

Richard Billingham, Photographer

Emma Morris, Director: Photoworks

James Reid, Director of Photography: Wallpaper

Charlotte Cotton, Creative Director: National Media Museum Bradford

(image above © James Morgan)

2011 participating photographers

Abbie Trayler-Smith
Adam Hinton
Alice Colling
Alicia Bruce
Ambra Vernuccio
Andrew Shaylor
Andrew Aitchison
Angela Owens
Anna Karoliina Partanen
Annie Collinge
Antonio Faccilongo
Antonio Olmos
Becky Matthews & Clare
Benjamin McMahon
Bill Bold
Chloe Dewe Mathews
Chloe Sells
Chris Frazer Smith
Chris Craymer
Chris Linaker
Christine Santa Ana
Christopher Atkinson
Christopher Capozziello
Clive Frost
Daewong Kim
Dan Giannopoulos
Dan Charity
Dana Popa
Daniel Kovalovszky
Daniel Mayrit
Danilo Murru
David Shaw
David Brunetti
David Denny
Dougie Wallace
Ed Thompson
Ed Wray
Elisa Noguera Lopez
Eran Gilat
Filippo Zambon
Franek Strzeszewski
Gabriela Herman
Gandha Key

Geir Moseid
Giovanna Del Sarto
Greg Moss
Guy Martin
Hannah Jones
Helen Twomey
Henk van der Leeden
Ibolya Feher
Ingrid Leonard
Irina Kalashnikova
Ivar Kvaal
Jack Hill
James Morgan
James Mackay
Jane Stockdale
Jason Larkin
Jo Phipps
Jocelyn Allen
John Offenbach
Jonathan Browning
Judith Erwes
Julia Fullerton-Batten
Justin Clemons
Justyna Neryng
Kate Peters
Kieran Dodds
Kim Cunningham
Kirk Ellingham
Kurt Simonson
Kwok Hung Chan
Kyla Medina
Laura Stevens
Luca Sage
Lucas Pernin
Lucia Herrero
Luke Norman & Nik Adam
Lydia Goldblatt
Lydia Panas
Maciej Pisuk
Maria Gruzdeva
Mark Makela
Martin Usborne
Massimiliano Fabrizi
Mattia Vacca

Max Pinckers
Miti Ruangkritya
Moria Lahis
Natalie Naccache
Neil Hall
Neil Craver
Neil White
Nick Ballon
Nina Ahn
Nir Kafri
Olivier Hess
Paolo Marchetti
Peter Denness
Philip McCormack
Philip Lee Harvey
Pierre Dalpé
Poulomi Basu
Rebeca Rodriguez
Richard Wainwright
Richard Monje
Richard Chambury
Robert Rutoed
Sam Faulkner
Samuel Hauenstein Swan
Sara Naim
Sara Hannant
Sarah Lucy Brown
Sebastian Meyer
Sherwin Tibayan
Simon Cooper
Sophie Ebrard
Stephanie Rose Wood
Stuart Harper
Tessa Bunney
Tomas Hein
Ubald Rutar
Uri Shapira
Vangelis Georgas

And Document Award Finalists:
Antoni Georgiev
Daniel Lilley
Mila Teshaeva
Thomas Kelsey
Tina Remiz

For a slideshow of the 2011 Summershow exhibition, click here


Foto8 Summershow Catalogue 2011
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