anton_280On April 5th, 2011 South African photographer Anton Hammerl went missing after coming under fire from Gaddafi loyalists near the oil port of Brega in Libya. Anton was shot and left to die in the desert in April. For 44 days the Libyan regime lied repeatedly about his status to his family.

At the time the news became clear of Anton’s awful fate some friends and colleagues of his threw up the idea of selling prints to raise funds for his family. They contacted fellow photographer and website designer, David Brabyn, who had previously had set up a site to help raise funds for photographer Joao Silva, after he had been injured in Afghanistan. This site for Anton is very similar except in one respect: the images sold as prints are not Anton’s but those of contributing photographers, including well-known and respected photographers such as David Burnett, Kenneth Jarecke, Bruno Stevens.

RSF USA is acting as a fiscal sponsor which means donations from US taxpayers are deductible. PhotoShelter have generously donated the photo hosting and online sales account and waived their transaction fees which means that some 95% of the funds collected can go towards the sole goal of paying into an education fund for Anton’s three children.

Foto8 hopes that you will consider purchasing one of the wonderful works that have been donated for this purpose. In doing so you will  be demonstrating your appreciation for the work of photographers and reporters such as Anton as well as actively supporting the future education of his children.

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