Its theme of spectatorship was significantly influenced by a body of work by Anthony Carr, which takes surveillance as its subject. Three images from an existing work are exhibited in the show, from a surveillance at Cumberland Lodge in Great Windsor Park, a once great house that is now a conference centre “for discussions aimed at the betterment of society”. One of those images can be seen here, in my original posting about the show. For From Here, Carr installed 10 hand-made pin-hole cameras in the exhibition space prior to the opening. Five were two-week exposures, five two-hours (to capture the private view). The resulting images show little sign of movement, but do incite a sense of unease and disquiet, especially when you know you were one of the people under surveillance…
Max Houghton

Brighton Photo Fringe
OPEN ’09
Moore House
13 Black Lion Street
Brighton, BN1 1ND
Open: Friday–Sunday 12–6pm