Iñaki is a highly gifted 10-year-old with Asperger Syndrome (ASD) who lives in Badalona. For two years he invited me into his life to see deep into his mind’s inner workings. Through me he offers us a glimpse of the complex way he sees the world, his constant battle to adapt himself to a society that is so different from him. Through all of this we see his brilliant vision of life.

My film is a journey between reality and dreams that explores and comes close to one of the biggest mysteries of our time: autistic spectrum disorder. IIñaki narrates his own story with the participation of Dr. Jorge Wagensberg, director of CosmoCaixa Barcelona, a science writer; Dr. Amaia Hervás, director of UETD. Hospital St.Joan de Déu and chief of child and adolescent psychiatry at Hospital Universitario Mutua de Terrassa; and Dr. Francesc Cuxart, counseling psychologist at Autisme la Garriga and UAB professor.

I always thought that meeting Iñaki was fate. Three years ago I didn’t know what Asperger Syndrome was when Dr.Francesc Cuxart talked to me about Iñaki’s special characteristics. But from that moment, I knew that something very important in my life had begun.

Our connection was immediate, from the first time we met Iñaki told me he had many ideas to convey to society but felt helpless because people looked at him in a strange way as though he was somehow weird. He felt that no one wanted to know him, not properly, in depth. So, camera and microphone in hand I dedicated my life for two and a half years to be his channel, his outlet of expression, and to capture and process everything he thought and felt in the way I knew best, in film and photography. Through Me reflects the intimate and very special relationship we shared.

Andrea Lamount
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