• ANGOLA, for few more barils…

    20 Feb 2017
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    In the bay of Luanda,cargo ships wait interminally to offload their merchandise in the chaotic port surrounded by slums populated by people exiled by 27 years of civil war.

    After 30 years of civil war, Angola is a ruined country.Landmines litter the countryside, 47% of the population is aged 14 or under and women outnumber male survivors of the war by 10 to 1.

    To rebuild the country the simplicity of the loop is implacable: Beijing lends money to Angola which in turn hires chinese companies, while in passing skimming money off the top. In exchange Angola promises China 30 % of its crude oil.

    Since 2007, Angola has edged out Saudi Arabia as the leading provider of crude oil to China while 70 % of its population lives below the poverty line.