Photographers flew in from every corner of the globe, from India to Israel, Hungary to Hackney, it was the place to be. The show itself had taken four arduous man-days to hang – that’s two days of Seb and Lee piecing together the annual jigsaw. With Argentinian steaks, Middle-eastern fallafel, Italian ice-cream and beer, Swedish Cider, French wines, Russian Vodka, Mexican tequilla and our resident DJs Gil and Malachi, ready at the turntables, the doors were opened.

It was a great night, Foto8’s Lauren and Yasmin were too modest to be caught by the camera but deserve a huge thank you for the months of work to bring the exhibition and party to fuition and, with the help of our tireless bar-staff and volunteers who served the whole night through and Ben Hughes taking photographs a good time was had by all.

A big Thank You to the photographers who submitted their images this year, who were selected for the exhibitionand delivered prints and to everyone who came to the launch and made the annual celebration so enjoyable.