<ei8ht> is the first international, subscriber funded, photographer-produced, independent, magazine of photojournalism. Drawing on the talent and professionalism of award-winning photographers and writers around the globe <ei8ht> will publish both colour and black & white photo-stories alongside articles on subjects ranging from major global issues to personal, photographer-funded projects.

<ei8ht> will appear quarterly and will be available by subscription only. The magazine is planned for release in April 2002. The first edition will feature an exclusive photography and text from the autobiographical novel "Two Steps from Heaven" by Mikhail Evstafiev, Reuters photo-editor in Washington D.C. The book, which has only recently been translated into English from Russian, details Evstafiev’s experiences in Afghanistan whilst serving in the Soviet army. This story will accompany work by a number of photojournalists who have produced important documentary photography in Afghanistan and the region over the past years.

Other stories featuring in the first edition include; European asylum and immigration, the Latino re-conquest of Los Angeles, Haiti- 10 years after, and The Last Hat Factory- a stunning industrial portrait story from the former East Germany.

The readers of <ei8ht> provide the primary funding for the magazine’s production through their subscription. Photo-agency advertising and corporate sponsorship of stories provides additional funding. The worldwide readership of <ei8ht> has been generated through the internet site- www.foto8.com which, since its launch in 1998, has created both a platform for displaying photo-stories and a forum for photojournalists to communicate to a wider audience. Through partnerships with similar web based ventures in France, Holland, Russia and England <ei8ht> magazine is sold and promoted to the widest possible audience.

foto8 is based in London and acts as an umbrella organization for photographers and journalists in order to bring to light the stories they feel have been overlooked or under-represented in the mainstream media. For three years foto8 has used the medium of the internet to deliver compelling photography and insightful journalism to millions of web users. Now with the advent of <ei8ht> it continues to reach-out to readers and publish important photojournalism that challenges and informs the way we view our world.

For further information about foto8 or ei8ht magazine please contact:

Jon Levy
Phone: +44 (0)20 7636 0399
Email: editor
[at] foto8.com