18-23 October
caste-violence-280Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) is pleased to announce a groundbreaking new photography exhibition, Being Untouchable, by Marcus Perkins.

CSW’s Chief Executive Mervyn Thomas said, “India’s Dalits – one in 40 of the world’s population – are a people whose history reverberates with oppression, exploitation and injustice because of their status as the lowest caste group. The impact of casteism is felt in many ways, and connected with almost all human rights concerns in India. Supporting the cry of India’s Dalits in all religious communities for social justice, is one of the pressing needs of our times.

“Being Untouchable is a moving and hard-hitting collection which exposes the present-day impact of centuries of oppression, and is a means by which we will urge foreign political and business leaders to promote an end to casteism through their interactions with India.”

A press viewing on 18 October will be addressed by acclaimed Dalit poet and scholar, Meena Kandasamy, and award-winning publisher of anti-caste literature, S. Anand.