FOTO8 Book Publication

Maurice Broomfield Photographs
First Published April 2009

For the first time the images of master British photographer Maurice Broomfield are brought together as a book. Broomfield’s portraits of men and women at work in heavy manufacturing in the British Isles and far away lands define an era of industry and travel. His compassion and humanity bring artistry to photography.

Introduction by Russell Roberts
Further inscriptions: Martin Barnes, Steve Macleod, Don McCullin, Sir Paul Smith

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Embodied in these pages are the realisation of many dreams. The stunning photographs attest to the ingenuity of the medium, the hard work of individuals and the lofty ambitions of a generation to build and shape a productive future for society. Inherent in the subject matter is a sense of the optimism of an era and, perhaps most importantly, pride. Workers, workplace, work; this is not a romantic setting for a photographic body of work yet the secret ingredient that makes it taste so sweet is of course the photographer’s eye.

Maurice Broomfield brought his dream to me a little over a year ago. Thanks to the kind introduction of a mutual friend I have had the fortune to get to know a remarkable man who has reminded me in these times of hasty consumerism that quality lasts forever.

Maurice is himself a tireless worker, an intrepid traveller, dedicated to the pursuit of fine photographs that above all must do justice to the subject. His vision of bringing his life’s work together in a book has revealed an extraordinary energy and drive that has in turn fuelled my desire to realise this project.

Maurice’s vitality and interest in all forms of photography is very much in evidence in the time and commitment he makes to young photographers as their mentor and friend. Today, writing with the proofs in front of me, as Maurice enters his 94th year, I see the timeless and timely essence of his photography and I feel honoured to be able to play a part in the fulfillment of this dream.

Jon Levy, Publisher

On the eve of his exhibition opening at Pallant House gallery in Chichester, Sanchia Berg of Radio 4 spoke to Maurice Broomfield and exhibition curator, Simon Martin. The BBC audio slideshow is presented below.

Maurice Broomfield Photographs
The First Edition of Maurice Broomfield Photographs
Contains over 50 plates in black and white and colour.
205x260mm 128 pages, Hardback, Clothbound
Published by Foto8, ISBN 970-0-9559580-1-4

A Limited Edition of 100 books, presented in a clam-shell box,
accompanied by a silver gelatin museum print bearing the photographer’s
hand stamp.

Maurice Broomfield Photographs, Limited Edition Box Set
The Limited Edition box set contains the book, Maurice Broomfield Photographs
containing over 50 plates in black and white and colour, as well as a special
8 x 10 inch print embossed with his initials
Book: 128 pages, Hardback, Clothbound
Includes 8×10 inch silver gelatin print


Exhibition: The Print Room at Pallant House Gallery,
Chichester, W Sussex,
02 March – 09 May 2010
An exhibition of photographs documenting Britain at work in the 1950’s and in the 1960’s is on display at Pallant House on the south coast of England. Visiting British factories to create his carefully-crafted images of industries such as nylon, insulation and shipbuilding, Broomfield’s works present a glamorous and essentially humanistic view of workers and work in British industry during this period.

Other UK dates:

A large exhibition consisting of over 40 photographs by Maurice Broomfield, including some of his celebrated colour work, was held at The Silk Mill, Derby, 01 May – 11 July 2010.