“Not surprisingly, over the past year ei8ht has began to earn itself respect throughout the industry. Since its inception, at least half of its stories have been picked up by mainstream magazines such as Le Monde in France, or by national press picture editors who are interested in the photographer.”
Professional Photographer


“A new home for photojournalism”
Creative Review


“A forum for photojournalists”
Foto Magazine (Germany)

publishing world

"Integrity may seem all too lacking in today's media. EI8HT might be just the magazine to bring it back."
Publishing World


“From a small office in London's West End, a British photographer is fighting a trend that has seen photographers' work squeezed on to fewer and fewer pages.”
BBC Online


“The past few year's have been catastrophic for photojournalists. But Jon Levy is bucking the trend and his highly successful website is now spawning a new magazine.”
the Guardian


"EI8HT will feature subjects ranging from global issues to personal, photographer funded projects, and aims to provide a platform for photo essays that have been 'overlooked or under represented'"
British Journal of Photography