Moving Window (2008)
A film by Jim Helton
Words, Narration and Photography by Davi Russo

This 10 minute short film, consisting entirely of still photographs and spoken diary entries, is loosely based around the artist travelog from “The New Grand Tour”, an exhibit first realised in Hong Kong in 2007 and fully opened in Beijing 798 space in 2008. The film documents the travels of artists Suitman, Jose Parla, Rostarr and Deanne Cheuk as they embark on a journey through China and engage in a cultural exchange. “Moving Window” is Russo’s visual and aural document of this trip. It is scheduled to be screened as part of an upcoming show at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, NYC in Spring of 2010.

© Davi Russo ( and Jim Helton (

(Running time: 10mins 42sec, Format: Quicktime Movie. File size: 100mb)
Note the film will begin playing while it is still loading (broadband recommended)