We didn’t run from our Motherland, we ran from the Soviet regime, which couldn’t defend us from genocide.  And no matter what, we still love the country we were all born in. In our consciousness, what we all still long for, is not the particular nation of Azerbaijan, or Russia, or Armenia, or Georgia, or the different politics in each region.  What we long for is for culture and lifestyle we left behind in former USSR, a place where we could live in one part, yet travel around the country, very often having relatives and friends in remote regions. And wherever we went, communications and understanding were excellent, as we were all, more or less, united by a common tongue, Russian.

So now, living in America, the country we love dearly, we try to combine the traditions of our particular regions and nationalities, as well as the common traditions of that country. For example, we still love to celebrate New Year’s Eve past sunrise in order to greet the very first day of a New Year.

No matter where emigrants go, nostalgia will always haunt the individuals who left a place they once called home.  And though I am an American now, and love my country dearly, somewhere inside of me another love exists, the love to the country I was born in, and it will never die.  No matter where we are in life, happy or unhappy, successful or not, the memories that we treasure of our Motherland, can never be taken away from us.

Dennis Yermoshin