You’ve brought up your own children and are on the verge of retirement. You’re looking forward to taking things easier, having more time for yourself … and then your own kid messes up and you have to step in to take care of your grandchildren. As much as you love them, it’s a scenario fraught with difficulties that is becoming an everyday reality for thousands of grandparents.

Peter, 67, and Margaret, 51, Horn are one such couple who’ve become parents again, after their drug abusing daughter ‘gave up’ on her three kids. “Sometimes I wonder what the heck we get into,” said Margaret. The children, aged 4 to 7, are considered wards of court but Peter doubts that they are ever in danger of losing them. He worries about their future though. “Before the time they are old enough to live on their own, I’ll probably be dead.” What’s left unsaid? Who’ll care for them then?

Parents Again, by US-based photojournalist Brian Fitzgerald, appears in the current issue of EI8HT, Vol.2 No.1, published on 1 May, that in conjunction with the online journal extends the magazine’s reputation for publishing socially aware and challenging photo stories.

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