FOTO8 Curating
Prix Bayeux-Calvados 2011
3-9 October 2011

A reprint of the exhibition that was created for and debuted in HOST gallery in September 2010, the Bayeux exhibition has been commissioned to pay tribute to Hetherington and his indepth reportage on US soldiers serving in Afghanistan. Following his untimely death while covering the war in Libya, Tim Hetherington has been honoured for his unwavering dedication and ground-breaking talent in documentary making, using a variety of image-based media.

Infidel exhibition at HOST Gallery. Sept 2010

Foto8 has reconstructed the original show in order to exhibit it in Bayeux. The poster prints that were a distinctive feature of the London exhibition will be installed in the Hotel du Doyen in Bayeux, alongside the original series of 10 c-type prints from the ‘Sleeping Soldiers’ series. Also on show is Hetherington’s acclaimed multimedia piece, also entitled Sleeping Soldiers (single screen version), an audio interview with Hetherington and a slideshow of images from his book, Infidel, published by Chris Boot.

The festival also features Stanley Greene’s Black Passport, a selection of work from the recent Arab uprisings curated by Laurent Van der Stockt (chosen from over 7,000 images!) and the work of Veronique de Viguerie and Titouan Lamazou, along with several screenings.

See for more information. The festival runs 09-13 October 2011.








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Infidel at Oslo Nobel Peace Center
19 February – 22 April 2012