Vol.5 No.1 features an exclusive section dedicated to English stories – by photographers working in their home country and those documenting a new breed of Englishness abroad. The features in this special section include:


Photographer Ewen Spencer looks at Grime culture in London and the lifestyle and fashion of the young devotees of this music scene.

Survival Programmes

In the 1970s a group of photographers, including Chris Steele-Perkins, undertook a mass observation study on the working classes throughout Britain. The project is this year being added to the public archive of the British Library. 


Andrew Buurman discovers a community of green thumb allotment owners in Birmingham and how this English past-time can come to define a diverse people.

Baghdad Garage

A group of English ex-servicemen are discreetly working in a garage in Baghdad fixing cars within the Green Zone. Stuart Griffiths bunked in with the boys, attempting to assess job satisfaction.

Last Witch

The last witch trial in England is still widely discussed in the village that Rod Shone recently moved to. He captured the landscape in which the trial occurred.  

As ever, the new issue of EI8HT includes photographers reporting from around the world on stories that matter …

103rd Street is the result of Adriana Lopez’s fascination with and acceptance into a community of Puerto Ricans living in Spanish Harlem in New York. Andrew Testa reports from Bangladesh with ruthless stories told by the survivors of acid attacks, seeking treatment at a hospital dedicated to their care. Tim Hetherington reveals the extent of oil exploitation in Nigeria.

Along with regular columnists, Tim Minogue, John O’Farrell, David Pratt and John Vidal, EI8HT continues with its reviews of the latest book releases, festivals and exhibitions.

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