– All work submitted must be the Photographer’s own work.


– Each photographer may submit only one entry to the competition in which they may submit up to three images. An administration fee of £20 is applicable. (Note: the entry fee may increase, at our discretion, to accommodate latecomers after the deadline of 15 May 2012)


– The Foto8 editors and staff will shortlist up to 150 images for consideration by a panel of judges. No emphasis or special treatment will be given to any individual image or entry based on the photographer.

– Work selected will form the grand exhibition at Foto8 Gallery in London, hung from floor to ceiling in a traditional Salon de Photographie. In addition the Summershow images will be available for viewing on a Foto8 online slideshow and will also be included in special edition printed exhibition catalogue.

– Images selected for the Summershow may be exhibited in other publicity material, but only in connection with the the Summershow itself and always with the photographer’s credit.


– The Foto8 team selection for the exhibition is final – no discussion or negotiation will be entered into.


– Shortlisted photographers will be required to provide high quality prints of their submission, framed or mounted to a saleable standard, and delivered in person or by courier at the expense of the photographer to: Foto8, 1 Honduras Street, EC1Y 0TH, UK between 11 – 25 June 2012 (10-00 – 18.00 hrs only).


– A limited number of Foto8 frames will be available for hire at sizes 20x24inches and 20x30inches, on a first come first serve basis. Details of charges and procedure to rent frames will be sent to photographers once an image has been shortlisted.


– The winner of the ‘Best In Show’ prize receives the cash award of £2000 and is chosen by the panel of judges. The Best in Show will be announced at our launch street party festivities on Friday 6 July. The decision of the judges is final and no discussion or correspondence can be entered into.


– Each photographer exhibiting at the Summershow will be entitled to free entry of the launch party at Foto8 in Honduras St, EC1Y. Photographers will have the opportunity to purchase additional tickets for their guests. As tickets are limited, shortlisted photographers will be given priority.


– All work included in the Summershow will be for sale. Foto8 will work with photographers to set an achievable price where asked to do so. Foto8 will share the proceeds on all print sales from the Sumemrshow equally with the photographer 50:50. In addition, all sales of an image or reprinted copies of the same image during the period of the Summershow exhibition made as a result of public showing of the Summershow will be shared equally with Foto8.


– At the close of the Summershow, photographers are required to organise the collection of any unsold works from Foto8, in person or by courier, and at the photographer’s expense. Photographers are required to inform us of the date and time of pick up and any relevant courier details and tracking numbers. Foto8 will package and label the work before pickup.

– Work will be held for a maximum of two months after the close of the exhibition. After this time Foto8 will make a final attempt to contact photographers before disposing of, or claiming work as its own as it sees fit.


– Finally all copyright of any submitted work will remain with the photographer.


If you have any questions about the Summershow or feel we can make our terms clearer or indeed fairer please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We firmly believe that this is your show and the terms, fees and guidelines are there solely to make it an enjoyable, manageable and absolutely unique annual exhibition for us all.


Jon Levy

Director, Foto8 Ltd