Due to the horrendous handling of the UK and world economies Foto8 has decided to lead by example. Longer, cheaper, better. Our pledge to you…

We appreciate that times are tough in our industry and for the wider world in general. We also appreciate that deadlines for entering this or that competition can be another pressure in your already pressurised day.

That’s why, as of today, Foto8 is cancelling the rise in the fee for your Summershow submissions that we previously scheduled for 01 May.

Furthermore the submission process can now continue through 15 May. So whilst we do say “hurry, get your submission in!” we also say don’t stress, there is still time to be a part of the greatest most open photography exhibition in London – if not the world.





There’s more good news… Our larger gallery space will allow a larger exhibition this year, which in turn makes it more accessible to each photographer and yes of course, the launch night extravaganza on the 6th July.

The judges are confirmed:

Photographers Simon Roberts and Alison Jackson, Writers Gerry Badger and Ossian Ward, BBC photo editor Phil Coomes!

The dates are set and the office of budgetary photographic responsibility has ruled – No Fee Rise!

Thank you to all who have already sent in their three image submissions.
We are humbled by your support for and interest in the Summershow and always grateful for your sharing of it with as many of your friends and colleagues as possible.

And here’s the link, tweet it, share it, click it!


Good Luck, we look forward to seeing you in Honduras Street in July.
Thank You!