The vast shifting dunes at Foveran Links, Menie, were once one of the few remaining examples of true wilderness in the UK. This dynamic landscape, a wonder of the world, has, however, been stabalised and sterilised, bulldozed and flattened into “The greatest golf course in the world” according to it’s architect of destruction, Donald Trump.
The Dunes photographic project I have been working on these past years presents an intimate portrait of the vulnerable community and landscape on the Menie estate in Aberdeenshire. The residents speak not only of the ecological, environmental and political impact this controversial development has had on their unique and fragile land, but also of the deep personal and emotional scars left on their community as they are bullied and beaten into submission.
Sophie Gerrard, 2012

These dunes are the jewels in the crown of our national identity. The equivalent of our rainforests, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Dr Jim Hansom, Geomorphologist, University of Glasgow

The great importance of the sand dome was that it was mobile, it was a great shifting system, it wasn’t fixed. So if you plant it, if you try and stabilise it you will ruin the very aspect which made it unique. If you halt the progression of these dunes by planting them, you’re effectively sterilising the entire dynamic system.
Johnny Hughes, Director of Conservation, the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

By turfing and stabilising the dunes, the unique landscape has now lost all its scientific value. What was once a valuable environmental asset for the UK has been lost.
Dr Jim Hansom, Geomorphologist, University of Glasgow

SSSIs are designated in the national interest, not just in the interest of Scotland. This is a decision which could have implications for protected areas of coast all over the UK.
Johnny Hughes, Director of Conservation, the Scottish Wildlife Trust

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