onlyhouseleftstandingg_280Tom Hurndall, a young British photojournalist and peace worker, was shot in the head in Gaza in April 2003 whilst carrying Palestinian children to safety. He died nine months later in a London hospital. The book will contain Tom’s photographs in the weeks running up to his shooting, as well as his personal writing from his diaries and poems, and contains a preface by Robert Fisk.

Trolley are launching a crowdfunding campaign for their book ‘The Only House Left Standing – the Middle East Journals of Tom Hurndall’. The eight week campaign launched on Friday 26th November, the day before Tom’s birthday, with a panel talk. The discussion panel included:

• Tom’s parents Anthony and Jocelyn Hurndall
• John Sweeney – BBC Panorama journalist who did 2003 documentary ‘When Killing is Easy’ and Independent article Silenced Witnesses
• Rowan Joffe and Simon Block – Director and Screenwriter of Channel 4 BAFTA-nominated film documentary The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall
• Mohammed Qeshta – who was with Tom when we was shot and worked for the International Solidarity Movement
• Gigi Giannuzzi – publisher and founder of Trolley Books

To see the video recording of the panel discussion click HERE.
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