1 February – 1 March 2011

lutz_280“Nigeria is a horrible country – only business is fantastic. Everything here is role playing – a game you have to end up winning, because if I’m not the first one to snap up all the land has to give, someone else will surely beat me to it.” – Guillaume, an employee of a French oil company who has been living in Nigeria for two years

Everyone wants a piece of it. The oil industry in Nigeria has brought about indescribable wealth, enjoyed by the new elites of Lagos and Abudja, but has done nothing to alleviate the crushing poverty of the residents of the Niger Delta, instead making their conditions more polluted, more squalid, more abject.

HOST Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of photography of the most extraordinary access – that into the dark halls of power, the corporations that govern Nigeria’s oil reserves. HOST brings Lutz’s work to London for the first time and will be organising a series of events to coincide with the exhibition, centred around Nigeria, oil and photography.

This work was undertaken with the support of the Vevey International Photography Award, which Lutz received in 2009.

This exhibition has been made possible with the support of Amnesty International.

For further information please contact Foto8 on 020 7253 8801 or events [at] foto8.com.