27 October -12 November 2010
historia_280Historia, which premiered at University of Brighton Gallery in September, moves to HOST Gallery to showcase the work of 14 artist/photographers bound by the desire to tell extraordinary stories.

Photographs record the world – but they also offer a medium for telling stories about it. In this sense all photographs partake of the imaginary. The artist/photographers represented in this show are all bound by a desire to tell extraordinary stories. They may be stories prompted by experiences as diverse as a remembered landscape, a collection of bookmarks, a reading of Dante, or a walk through city streets – but each of these bodies of work began with a photographic encounter and developed into something much more sustained – a proposal about the world – a series of ‘historia’.

Featuring the work of Peter Bennett, Michael C Hughes, Eleni Maria Frangeskou, Gregory Reuben Levitt, Jon Santa Cruz, Tobias Slater-Hunt, Lindsey Smith, Barbara Taylor, Christopher Torry, Michael Vogt, Lynn Weddle, Lewis Williams, Emily Young and Sophia Zapiti, Historia reminds us that photographs don’t just record the world, they also have the capacity to record the imaginary.

Historia is open from 27 October to 12 November 2010.

Private View: Wednesday October 27, 6.30 – 9pm