Vol.4 No.4

Out of Sight
Goran Tomasevic
Extra Time Claudio Cricca
Crack of Whip Livia Monami

Facing Silence Christophe Agou
Red Mountain Tomas van Houtryve
Annya: Chernobyl Certificate No.000358 Robert Knoth
Relics Martin Roemers
Reverend Perry Walker
Anti-Personal Raphaël Dallaporta
Watermarked Mary-Jane Maybury

+ more

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Editor’s Letter













As we go to print with this issue, Mia celebrates her first birthday.

Her brother Louis is now just over four years old. For them, like the magazine, everyday marks a milestone of learning and exploration. Along with their mother, Alice, I celebrate their achievements, and, of course, I also share their disappointment or pain when things go wrong. If the magazine is our ‘baby’ with the staff and I acting as its parents then you, the reader, are a cherished member of our family. It was thanks to one such family member that we found out about the following unexpected incident. I am disappointed to have to tell you that the story we published on ‘cloud formations before hurricane Katrina’ was not truthful. We were deceived by an amateur – a so-called photographer – who thought it was good sport to steal someone else’s images and make up a false story in order to discredit our publication. I can only offer my apologies to you and to the real photographer, Mike Hollingshead, whose images had been intentionally and maliciously misappropriated.

The news is not all bad. As the magazine grows so too does its command of language. To complement the photography I am happy to introduce in Vol.4 No.4 four new regular columnists; highly respected writers whose commentaries we are looking forward to featuring in our pages. It’s something new for us, a coming of age as I see it, as EI8HT seeks to enliven debate on issues both in pictures and in words. These comment columns are designed to be informative and authoritative opinion pieces just like the photo stories, reviews and interviews on our other pages.
I hope that you will enjoy reading, as well as looking at, this issue. And I also encourage you to reply to us with your own letters, to keep us, like every anxious parent, perpetually vigilant.