v5n4_275Vol.5 No.4
Room with a View Julio Bittencourt
Living in the Vortex Luke Wolagiewicz
Faire le Camping Bruno Fert
Downtown Rising Carlos Cazalis
Aftershock Paolo Pellegrin
Sand Trap Steve Forrest and Amay Roman
The Emperor’s New Clothes Boris Svartzman
Home Thoughts from Abroad Caroline de Vries
This England Stuart Griffiths
Not Wanted on Voyage David Creedon + more


Editor’s Letter

Welcome to the 20th issue of EI8HT! In the stories of this issue photographers and writers tackle and explore the concept of “Home”, both physically and emotionally. From our cover story, charged with feelings of loss and uncertainty to the abandoned houses in Ireland, standing as physical monuments to those that have left to start new lives elsewhere. This edition contains a broad collection of stories, histories and personal tales that all sit comfortably under one roof.

It is somewhat fitting that the theme of this issue is “Home”. A home is what we at Foto8 have tried to create with the magazine – a home for photography and storytelling that otherwise doesn’t have one. Yes, our home came into being to fill the void left by many other magazines and newspapers, as they turned away serious reportage in favour of lifestyle and celebrity subjects.
But our home is now its own place, not just an alternative or a reaction to other places.I hope you will agree that EI8HT magazine has been able to connect the finest in storytelling with the most discerning of readers, bridging a gap between a box of prints under a photographer’s bed and an eager reader wanting to see and read more about the world in which we live.

As EI8HT reaches a new milestone I am also reminded of how our home has grown. Not just the 100 pages you see before you, but also with the establishment of HOST Gallery, at our Honduras Street offices in London. So far this year we have hosted a talk, a screening and an opening of a new exhibition, bringing over 350 people together to share and celebrate the best of photojournalism. To bring some of the gallery into the magazine we have created a new section, Off the Wall, where we showcase some of the recent work from the walls of HOST in the pages of EI8HT.

I hope you will enjoy your copy of EI8HT and also hope that you will enjoy our hospitality at HOST over the coming year. Now that we have established a home for photojournalism, in every sense of the word, I look forward to Foto8 continuing its vital role, in print, on the walls and on the web.


Book Reviews featured in V5N4
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Children of Abraham by Abbas,Thin by Lauren Greenfield,Le Fleuve Mure by Pierre Montavon,The Forgotten War, Le Mal d’Afrique by Guillaume Bonn,Naked Punch Magazine,The Black Panthers byStephen Shames, Photo Trouvee, Figure and Ground by Richard Renalidi, Rice is Life by Greenpeace, The Magazine Report: Spring 2007 by Jermey Leslie, Heroines & Heroes by Steve Simon, Beijing: Theatre of the People by Ambroise Tezenas, Twilight: Photography at the Magic Hour, Villa Mona by Marjolaine Ryley