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Foto8 Manifesto

Photojournalism is dead.

>Foto8 is a force for individuals to address the collective.
We choose photography to inspire and engage the viewer.

>Foto8 questions, we do not aim to offer answers.
We support those who confront, reflect on and interpret their surroundings.

>Foto8 lives in the present, we are concerned with the now.
We embrace stories that are a reflection of their time.

>Foto8 doesn’t proclaim the truth, we tell true stories.
We are curious about humanity and other perspectives.

>Foto8 seeks new ways of telling.
We are unafraid to experiment with all forms of photography and look beyond the frame.

>Foto8 believes the personal is as powerful as the political.
We aim to convey feelings as effectively as facts.

>Foto8 makes no apology for the sad, and the depressing.
We remain hopeful and open to the uplifting.

>Foto8 believes in storytelling that awakens compassion.
We don’t expect to change the world, but we won’t be silent.

Long live photojournalism!