vindelis_280Dorset’s Isle of Portland is a place of mystery. While many may have heard of the isle, named Vindelis by the Romans (a name still used today), few can tell you anything about it. Finding this intriguing I decided to explore the area myself. During my time there, I met a lot of younger residents who acted as my guides, and it was their view (and ultimately their interpretation) of the island that I became fascinated by.

The economy of Portland has declined in recent years. Heavily quarried since the 20th century, the demand for Portland stone has decreased – meaning less jobs, less money and a less than optimistic future for the youth to ultimately inherit, despite recent attempts of gentrification initiated by the 2012 Olympics (it will host the sailing competition for the London 2012 Olympics).

This project looks at the youth of Portland and the relationships they hold to their surroundings.

Daniel Lilley