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Anzenber Ageragency
Regina Maria Anzenberger
Agency for Photographers
Zeinlhofergasse 7
A - 1050 Vienna

ph +43-1-587 82 51
fax +43-1-587 90 07

AnzenbergerAgency represents 44 international photographers worldwide and distributes another 200 photographers with more than 2000 photos & text features. Anzenberger's growing digital picture library, with now about 150,000 images, is accessible with an APIS Browser or via the web site. The photographers are regularly assigned by and published in National Geographic, Geo, Der Spiegel, Focus, Stern, Time, Newsweek, New York Times, Fortune, L'Espresso, Le Figaro, El Pais, etc.
The agency was founded by Regina Maria Anzenberger in 1989 and is directed by her.  A gallery – with a growing collection of fine art prints – and a store with books of the agency’s photographers can be visited online. AnzenbergerAgency is one of the cooperation partners of the Austrian National Library mainly for the work of Ferdinand Schmutzer and for to represent their fine art collection.

© Reiner Riedler, Anzenberger

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Toni Anzenberger
Jaume Balanya
Guia Besana
Oliver Bolch
Robert Bösch
Mauro Bottaro
Sinan Cakmak
Simone Casetta
Pablo Castagnola
Joan Costa
Ch. Anzenberger-Fink
Robert Fleischanderl
Rudi Froese
Bevis Fusha
Fausto Giaccone
Philip Gostelow
Christine de Grancy
Robert Haidinger
David Hancock
Philipp Horak
Stuart Isett
Hana Jakrlova
Pawel Jaszczuk
Yadid Levy
Andrei Liankevich
Daniele Mattioli
Rafal Milach
Tomki Nemec
Agostino Pacciani
Prashant Panjiar
Benoit Pesle
Fatih Pinar
Janis Pipars
Reiner Riedler
Jan Sagl
Chris Sattlberger
Arabella Schwarzkopf
Filip Singer
Gerard Sioen
Heinz Tesarek
Günther Thöni
Jarry & Tripelon
Paul Weinberg
Paolo Woods

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