the project:

Look into the lives and bedrooms of teenagers with Forbidden Zones a new project of portraits by Tim Pershing.


Funerals for a Nation.
Alexandra Boulat witnessed Albanians and Serbs bury their dead amidst the civil war.

Kosovo Funerals for a Nation

Brian Walski journies to the hills of Kashmir to report on the bitter conflict in The Vale of Tears.


Steve Macauley's pictures and writing of his travels to Santa Anna de Valle in southern Mexico.

Kashmir Vale of Tears.
Santa Anna de Valle

Carol Cleere shows a selection of her photo-illustrational artwork using digital image manipulation.


Russian Miners gather in Moscow to demand payment of over-due wages. Brian Fitzgerald reports.

Carol Cleere
Russian Miner
  The essay: David Cantor.

"Don't Shoot". Current trends in photojournalism by David A. Cantor.