Kosovo, funerals for a nation.
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( Left: Funeral for two Albanian brothers from Kosovo, killed during a police operation in the village of Glodjane, March,1998.
Below: Demonstration of women in Pristina, 09,March '98.)

  Photographs by:
Alexandra Boulat.

Despite the progress made at Rambouillet towards a political settlement for Kosovo, the dangers of the current interim period before a final peace agreement is reached have already become apparent. Almost 10,000 Kosovars have fled renewed fighting since the inconclusive end to the Rambouillet negotiations. Meanwhile, OSCE verifiers report a large build-up of Serb forces both in and around Kosovo, while both parties appear to be using the delay to fight for more ground.

Already Serb security forces are displaying increased hostility to international OSCE verifiers and aid workers, while some Albanian factions may provoke a crisis that would compel NATO forces to come into Kosovo even without an agreement. (source: ICG press release 26/02/99.)

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