the review:

A preview of the new book : I am Rich PotosÍ. The Mountain that Eats Men, by Stephen Ferry


The Changing Face of Europe. Les Stone plots a course of immigration across the continent.

Potosi. Book review.

Old Sports: Use it or Lose it. Susan Stava works out with seniors who go that extra mile to stay young.

the project:

Against the Grain. An 8-year project documenting the Grain Scoopers of Buffalo, New York, by Mark Maio.

Old Sports.
Grain Scoopers.

Kiev's School for Blind Children. Erik Freeland's view from Ukraine.


The View from Above. Cameron Davidson shows a selection of his aerial photography.

Blind School.
Aerial photography. All rights reserved. © foto8 1999.
Cover Photo: The Pier, Brighton, UK. '99. (JL)