Photographs by
Tim Hetherington.
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Football as rehabilitation in Liberia.

It's raining in Monrovia, the capital of West African Liberia. Fortunately this time, not with the bombs and bullets that prevailed over the country's seven-year conflict. Now children dart for cover from a torrent of water that brings some respite from the merciless heat.
Waged from 1990-1997, the civil war divided a once prosperous nation.

The town reads like a map of conflict, and many of the scars still remain, as Liberia grapples with its ruined infrastructure and struggling economy. Money changers crowd street corners trading Liberia's only unit: ragged $5 bills known as the ‘Liberty', which were last printed in 1991. Street hawkers use wheelbarrows to cart around every conceivable commodity, thus bringing new meaning to the concept of sales strategy.
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