Advertising Rates 2008 (TBC)


Single Issue


Portrait Size

(width x height in mm)

Landscape Size

(width x height in mm)

Half page




190mm x 110mm

Full page


type area: 190mm x 240mm,
trim: 210mm x 260mm
bleed: 213mm x 266mm

DPS: type area: 400mm x 240mm,
trim: 420mm x 260mm
bleed: 426mm x 266mm

Inside Front Cover


*Other special positions, price on application.
Prices are for a four colour or mono insertion.
No extra charge for the supply of digital files.
**All rates are exclusive of VAT.
Advertising Agency Discount: 10%

Outside Back Cover


Production Specifications
Digital copy should be supplied as a tiff with a 300 dpi image. Digital copy should be supplied via email or on a cd-rom/zip. In order to guarantee colour reproduction a colour print out is required
NB. Please do not send camera ready film