To draw a line north to south from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea on a map traces the European Union’s unofficial border. It’s not a concrete border, nor is it a recognised boundary but it functions as an effective economic corridor, separating rich member nations in the West from poorer non-members in the East.

Photojournalists Kakulya and Mingard set out independently at its northern and southernmost points and journeyed towards one another. Travelling by car, hovercraft, snow-scooter or on foot, they photographed the forbidden zones, capturing the beauty of the landscape and those whose lives come in to contact with the perimeter.

Kakulya and Mingard’s photo story is timely as several of the nations on the border will begin final accession negotiations with the in EU in Brussels in November with a view towards completion in Copenhagen in December and their formal entry into the EU in 2004. East of a New Eden extends EI8HT’s reputation for publishing challenging, socially aware photojournalism.

Also in Vol.1 No.3 we explore: the ongoing Israeli Palestinian conflict with stories by two photojournalists and an article by Peter Beaumont, foreign affairs editor of The Observer; dowry abuse in India; the AIDS epidemic in China through the eyes of a four-year-old Jiajia; and banger racing in south London.

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