"You have taken to thank the subscribers of ei8ht on the inside rear cover – something I recall you doing once before.  Surely it is now incumbent on us, the readers, to thank you.  Ei8ht is not only a testament to the photographers and writers whose work adorn its pages (and deserve to be published more widely); it is an irrefutable vindication of your vision and determination to succeed.
Ei8ht must surely be the pre-eminent periodical of its type in the world: championed by its readers, admired and feted by its imitators, and prized by those who would seek to have their work within its covers. Long may it continue." Michael Cockerham, Subsciber & Chairman, RPS Visual Journalism Group

"I re-read '8' a couple of days ago and it seems I appreciate it more the second time I go through it. You have a great group of talented people working there and submitting articles of interest." Lorraine Grupe, Subscriber

“The latest issue, however, does all it promises – I really do like the design and the whole magazine has a different feel to it! The focus on photos and, if I am correct, even better quality paper used and making it bound rather than stapled makes a massive difference. All in, 8 used to be good value – it is extremely good value now and I'm looking forward to receive it for many years to come.” Michael TL Pace-Sigge, Subscriber and Photographer

“Just a quick line to express my thanks for the feature on the exhibition. The show continues to arouse interest and the installation will actually stay up until September 17th. The magazine continues to look stylish and be a much-needed platform for new work. Congratulations!” Tom Stoddart, Photographer

“I have just received the last issue and in my opinion it is your best to date. I strongly encouraged all the photo editors to look at it (and read it). So thanks to you and your whole team.” Olivier Picard, Director of Photography, U.S. News & World Report

“I have a constant stream of magazines cross my desk on a daily basis, most of which have a very short trip from in-tray to bin. EI8HT is always a welcome interruption. Keep up the good work.” Craig Smith, Editor, Marketing Magazine

“Intelligent, sincere and quite inspiring” Bill Swersey, Interactive Media Director, WNYC, New York

“Another smashing issue of EI8HT! It's a pleasure to handle something that shows such obvious quality and care. Particularly enjoyed Colin Jacobson's piece, and the story about the Kurdish family.” Sean Fishpool, subscriber

“I would hate to miss an issue having been a subscriber since the inception. Thanks, and keep up the absolutely amazing work” Ben, subscriber

“One of the most desired venues for important new documentary works” Sue Brisk, Director, Magnum Photos, New York

“Congratulations for the magazine. It is becoming more and more important and the material is always very good. All the best” Daniel Glückmann, COVER Agency

“What a wonderful presentation! Thank you for sharing, the combination of the music and the photographs is powerful. Opens up my mind to whole new ways to approach "publishing" a series of work.” Michelle Dunn Marsh, Managing Director, Aperture West (referring to Hog Killing, foto8)

“All I can say is WOW, OUTSTANDING, TREMENDOUS JOB! I THANK GOD THAT WE HAVE MET AND GOTTEN TO KNOW YOU THE PHOTOS ALMOST MOVED ME TO TEARS! I CAN'T WAIT TO TELL PEOPLE I KNOW YOU! WE LOVE YOU.” John and Billie Travis, Maddoxtown Baptist Church Pastor and wife (referring to Hog Killing, foto8)

“I just received the copy of foto8 here in Berlin. Thanks for that!! It looks great. It's a real thrill seeing my work in your mag alongside other great stories.” Jesse Marlow

“It all looks terrific… And Alfredo's [D'Amato] work is done justice by your edit and strong layout-nice one.” Ken Grant, Senior lecturer in Documentary Photography, University College Wales, Newport

“The mag arrived, it looks terrific, well done. Very elegant and mature design. Looks like it will last.” Gary Knight, Photographer and subscriber

“It really is a great mag, so refreshing to see some non-commercial documentary reporting. Any plans to do a feature on Iraq? As I thought that on the whole I haven't seen much impressive reporting from out there yet. We also think the Israeli-Palstine feature on your website is great too, both beautiful and gut-wrenching at the same time… definitely much food for thought.” Sally Mcdermid, subscriber

“It feels a rare, truly independent journal and the images are stunning. I shall add your website to the list of inspirational sites I give students.” Dona Haycraft, lecturer

“I just wanted to congratulate you on your first printed edition. I was quite impressed and certainly glad that I subscribed. With the demise of a large number of photojournalism magazines over the past few years, your magazine rates highly on my recommended reading list. I wish you and your colleagues every success in the future and look forward to receiving the next edition.” Lee Dobson, subscriber (Japan)

“I recently received the magazine. Congratulations on compiling such a wonderful selection of writing and photography in a sharply designed magazine. Foto8 is a natural born success. Look forward to seeing more issues.” Serge J-F. Levy (subscriber, no relation to the editor)