Best Served Cold: A Tale of Murder and Revenge in Albania: Guillaume Herbaut’s bone-chilling photographs uncover a deadly trail of revenge, dictated by a 15th century code of conduct, which leads to an endless cycle of personal vendettas in and around a small town in Albania

Mirror Image: Photography student Laura Hunter turned her lens on her twin sister, Emma, to document her struggle against drugs, anorexia and self-harm. Laura’s photographs, unflinching in their honesty, helped Emma to face up to the horrific truth of her illness.

Next of Kin: Benedicte Kurzen follows the stories of three women and their children, as part of the Eve photographers’ group project on Motherhood, to report on mother-to-child transmission of the HIV virus in South Africa. 

American Day Psychosis: A chance meeting in Manhattan in 2002 was the beginning of a friendship between Muzi Quawson, a London-baded photographer, and Amanda Jo Williams, a young mother who was searching for a home and an identity in Woodstock, New York.   

The photographic features are accompanied with new writing from leading authors. In this issue we hear from Tim Minogue in a moving tribute to his recently-deceased mother and the power of photography to evoke and preserve memories. We also introduce the celebrated broadcaster and journalist, Jon Ronson, as he delves into the weird and wonderful world of Indigo children.

In addition to these fascinating stories, this issue also includes: A preview of the major London exhibition Diamond Matters; the energetic story of the Kembelembele express as it journeys through the Congo; and the tale of Givaer, a small island off the north coast of Norway, and the 14 people who have made it their home.

All this plus our awe-inspiring double-page picture moments, an interview with investigative journalists Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clarke and book reviews on the latest releases.

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