Photographs and Text by Glenn Hunt
The edges of three deserts, the Simpson, the Strezleckie and the Great Stony Desert join to host perhaps one of the most famous horse races, if not the most notorious, in Australia, the Birdsville Cup. The notoriety stems firstly from where the event is held, miles from bloody anywhere and secondly, that the race comes in at a long second in importance to the amount of alcohol consumed before, during and after the event. As you drive into Birdsville after seemingly hours of endless brain numbing dusty track you can't help and wonder why anyone would want to travel this extreme distance to see a mere horse race. Coming from Adelaide it is 1161km and from Brisbane it is an immense 1850km. On entering the township you are greeted by bug splattered dust filled 4WD's with their bloodshot eyed drivers with which you can easily sympathise.
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