.by Kate Schermerhorn and Mikhail Evstafiev

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This Issue's foto8 Project combines the personal perspectives of two photographers:

Kate Schermerhorn travelled from coast to coast across America in search of images that show the insatiable appetite her fellow Americans have for pleasure. Mikhail Evstafiev made a diary of his experiences living in England on a job posting from Moscow. Both used photography to document aspects of their life that would serve as a future reference for their children.

For Kate the project was a voyage of re-discovery; living in Europe at the time with her infant son she felt the need to reaquaint herself with her country.

Using "the Pursuit of Happiness" as a starting- point Kate returned many times to the USA, with her son in tow. She focused her camera on the activities that she herself had grown up with: Parades, pageants, country fairs and those often bizarre pastimes that Americans underatke in the name of fun.

For Mikhail it was a voyage into the unknown; a posting for a Russian journalist from Moscow to work in London for three years. An opportunity to take his family on a wonderful adventure and to experience life in the West. His impressions of the English are interwoven with images of his wife and daughter. From London street scenes to official engagements and family

outings, Mikhail recorded the moments that he felt best described the life they enjoyed in England.

Both photographers talk of how their children quickly assimilated to the language and customs of living in a foreign land. Kate was moved to teach her son about his American roots and his right to "wholeheartedly" strive for happiness. Mikhail was keen to preserve something of his brief encounter with England so that his daughter could look back with fondness on her stay there. Together they relive and preserve their memories with photography.

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