An Alien In London
text by Mikhail Evstafiev

.....A sign that the world has less walls - a western company offering a job in London to a Russian photojournalist. Ten years ago, I would not even dreamed of it.
.....We move from the other corner of Europe, from Moscow, to settle in London for three years.
.....There was a Birds-eye’s view of the city as the plane came into landing: brownish-red tile roofs, endless row houses, shoulder to shoulder, like soldiers in line, parks everywhere - a spinach-green spill, traffic heading in the "wrong" direction.
.....A hotel for the first month, in the center of the city. And finally a cozy, typical English house in Southgate. A temporary home away from home ...
America's Idea Of A Good Time
Ehibition news

An exhibition of Kate' Shermerhorn's photography will be held at the Gallerie Bodo Niemann in Berlin from 7th July to 6th September 2001 at Auguststrase 19, 10117 Berlin. Tel:(49) 30 28 38 78 83

The dates of the show are July 7 - August 6 and September 1 - September 22 2001. Visit also

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