Miss Net World, Libya
Photographs by Muir Vidler, Text by Enda Leahy
Left: Calendar photo shoot at the house of Colonel Gadaffi’s eldest son, Saif al-Islam Gadaffi. Tripoli
Right: The Miss Net World 2002 winner – Miss Net UK, 20-year-old Lucy Layton. El Mahary Hotel, Tripoli
The trip ended up being an eight day series of bizarre and anecdotal moments, united by the dealings in the background between the Libyans and the seemingly, philanthropic organisers, who spared no effort to ensure complete security and proper treatment of the girls and perhaps more surprisingly, total freedom for the press behind the scenes.

In fact the whole thing was like a crazy docu-soap, with the most bizarre set of characters imaginable.

However as we are beginning to see from recent reports, Libya's shadowy past has not entirely been consigned to history. As the war on terror continues it is suspected that more Libyan skeletons may emerge from the closet. They may soon be wishing that the dainty dress of Miss Net could cover their indiscretions more thoroughly.
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