Photographs by Jean-Marc Giboux/WHO
(B / L): Cheshire Home for physically handicapped Children, Freetown. Cheshire Home is one of the few places in Sierra Leone that cares for Polio stricken children by providing shelter, education and some rehabilitation. There are no surgical facilities in Sierra Leone to repair deformed limbs and very few resources to provide braces or wheel chairs for the children.
Polio can be eradicated because it resides solely in humans and because a vaccine is readily available. But until every country in the world is polio free, no country in the world is free from the risk of it. As the number of polio cases continue to fall, the final stages of polio eradication are expected to be the most difficult. The problem is that the countries which now remain endemic for polio include some of the poorest, where the population at risk is unable to get basic health services because of isolation, neglect, civil strife or war.
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